We happily announce that the Timber Processing and Energy Expo will be held October 15-17, 2014 at the Portland Metropolitan Exposition Center in Portland, Oregon. Following this event in 2012, our post-event survey revealed an overwhelming majority of exhibitors in favor of continuing the expo at the Portland Expo Center and of again holding it in the month of October.

If you’ll recall, our organization, Hatton-Brown Publishers and its affiliate, Hatton-Brown Expositions, jumped in to produce TP&EE at the request of many forest products industry professionals who wanted us “to give it a shot” because of our longstanding relationships with the lumber, panel and energy industries through our magazines, Timber Processing, Panel World and Wood Bioenergy.

The 2012 event included 162 exhibitor companies that used up 43,000 square feet to display and demonstrate their machinery, technologies and supplies. More than 1,000 attendees from 115 forest products producing companies and 200 specific mill site operations visited TP&EE. They came from 30 U.S. states, five Canadian provinces and several overseas countries.

The combined attendee and exhibitor attendance of approximately 2,000 was buoyed by a brightening economy and pent-up demand for forest products mill improvements. Since then, improving housing markets and forest products demand has continued to boost industry confidence, and we’re confident this momentum will carry right into our 2014 event.

Our event also featured a Workshop Day, in which more than 200 people attended any of the 16 seminars that covered technologies in sawmills, panel mills and wood energy plants.

TP&EE will again be held in Hall D, which encompasses 72,000 square feet inside, and an abundance of outdoor space as well. The overall Expo Center sits on 60 acres and includes five halls with 330,000 square feet.

Portland Expo Center is conveniently located off Interstate 5 between downtown Portland and Vancouver, Washington. It’s only minutes from the Portland International Airport and has immediate access to the Max Light Rail.

We look forward to either your continued participation or your initial experience at TP&EE.