Dear Exhibitor,

I am very pleased as a representative of Hatton-Brown Expositions to once again serve as your Exhibits & Sponsorships Sales Director for the Timber Processing and Energy Expo to be held September 28-30, 2016 at the Portland Exposition Center in Portland, Ore.

You may recall that exhibitor space, 47,000 sq. ft., was totally sold out at the 2014 TP&EE in Hall D. Dozens of companies were unable to purchase space. Many others have indicated their desire to increase their exhibitor space for 2016.

I have great news! TP&EE 2016 is moving into the larger Hall E at the Portland Expo Center. This makes available approximately a third more space for exhibitors compared to Hall D.

Consider this: 97% of the 2014 TP&EE exhibitors rated the overall performance of the event as excellent or good. 90% of exhibitors walked out of TP&EE 2014 either having already gained an order or believing they possibly would due to their participation in TP&EE.

Here are some exhibitor comments following the 2014 TP&EE:

“There were decision makers walking down the aisles and doing business.”

“We landed business from as far away as Texas and as close as Philomath, Oregon.”

“We would like to quadruple our exhibit size and bring in two or three more machines.”

The move into the larger Hall E will require some adjustments to the floor plan to accommodate the greater amount of available space. But the general layout and flow will remain similar to what we had in Hall D.

I am also happy to report that exhibit space rates remain unchanged. I look forward to working with you on your exhibitor plans for the 2016 TP&EE. Our group emphasizes friendliness and flexibility as we strive to make your experience a beneficial one.

Fred Kurpiel
Exhibits & Sponsorships Sales Director

Dear Exhibitor,

We are happy to announce that the Timber Processing and Energy Expo will be held September 28-30, 2016 at the Portland Exposition Center in Portland, Ore. This will mark the third biennial TP&EE to be produced by Hatton-Brown Expositions, an affiliate of Hatton-Brown Publishers, Inc. and Timber Processing and Panel World magazines.

The 2014 event was a major success, featuring 170 exhibitors who displayed their equipment and technologies to 1,700 industry producer personnel, representing 140 wood products companies and hundreds of lumber, veneer/plywood and engineered wood products mill operations. Non-exhibitor attendance increased by 70% compared to the 2012 event. The event also continues to attract an international audience, with 22 countries represented. In addition, 1,000 exhibitor personnel were on hand.

The 2014 TP&EE was held as housing and wood products markets rebounded from the devastating declines of previous years. Wood products companies and exhibitors conducted “real” business on the show floor. More of the same is expected in 2016 as market forecasts remain positive for the future, meaning wood products producers will continue to enhance their operations with capital expenditure on new machinery and systems.

The 2014 TP&EE also included two workshop days that featured presentations on a range of lumber, plywood and engineered wood products technologies. Many exhibitor companies took advantage of the opportunity to participate in these workshops through presentations on their latest systems. More than 200 people attended the workshops.

We look forward to your participation in the 2016 Timber Processing & Energy Expo.

Rich Donnell
Show Director